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You are unique


What do you think,  who are you?

One may not be knowing much about oneself, but one can confidently say, I am unique….

Think about how remarkable, and the marvelous thing it is to be “you”. Of all the people that have come on this earth and have gone from this earth, is not like you. No one on this Earth who has ever lived has the same talents, skills, potentials, appearance, friends, acquaintances, sorrows, happiness, joy, and opportunities as you have.

No one’s hair grows the same way as yours. No one’s fingerprints are like yours. No one has the same combination of secrets, smiles, laughter, jokes to crack, and family expressions, as you have. The few people who laugh at all the same things, don’t sneeze the way you do. No one prays the way exactly as you can.

No one has the same concerns as you have. No one will be loved the same, by the same combination of people as you are. No one before had ever born as you and no one will come after you as you are. You are absolutely Unique.No one has the same life problems as you have.No have has the same way of tackling or handling the situations as you can.

Then what is making us compare ourselves with others? Then why we want to be like others when God Himself has created us uniquely. Why we involve ourselves in power games, the game of ego, jealousy, or possession? What is actually making us to not use our unique talents? What is actually making us want what others have?  If you really have the look of Earth from Saturn, it would look as small as a playing marble.

Can you imagine of yourself, you are just a spec of dust who has an average living rate of around 70 to 80 years in this universe which is millions or trillions or zillions year old. What is stopping us from living these few years in uniqueness?

We even don’t embrace our uniqueness. Each and everything in this nature whether it is stars, flowers, leaves, Sun, moon, planets, no one is hampering others path, no one is putting the stumbling stones in the path of others.

Trust me when we compare ourselves with others when we want to be like someone we are actually demeaning ourselves and is disrespecting our natural self. We are actually hampering our way, and in that case, we are our enemies. We are just wasting our energy on negative thinking.

Trust me you are unique in how you choose to create your life and life experiences, the way you give meaning to each passing moment.

I am a true believer of Uniqueness. What I feel there is everything perfect in the scheme of this universe. The events, the things right now happening with you is as per your uniqueness only. Trust me there is no one like You and if there is, then somewhere there is a loophole in the plan of the universe.  So trust that special gift of uniqueness in you.

You are Amazing, Believe in your uniqueness, Share your Joy, smile, and excitement with everyone.

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