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Shweta literally believes “ The World Belongs to us”. Every human irrespective of any age, any community, any religion, any color, any caste or any group is a HUMAN. Being a humanitarian Shweta aspires to touch as many lives as she can so make them realise the wonders this life can provide them.

She had faced many storms in her life, but her spirit to live her life to the fullest has made her convert these challenges into blessings for her. She strongly believes “Every adversity brings opportunity “. Now she doesn’t want anyone to lose this beautiful gift of Being a Human, at any cost. For this, she always looks for volunteers whom she can personally, professionally, and spiritually groom so as to fulfill her desires.

Human needs nothing but humanity which these days have taken a back seat. Thus if you really want to touch people’s lives, can contact her to spread humanity across the globe.


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