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Why Shweta?

If you see me outwardly, I am a lovely, bubbly, chirpy and a happy go lucky character.

But if you go deep inside me you will find many intricate layers of emotions such as love, empathy, and compassion.

Though life wasn’t easy for me, yes now I am well equipped and well ready with my instruments to face even it’s the hardest brunt in an easier way.

A girl born up and brought up in a huge family wherein daughters are not much welcomed but still, my mom’s strength kept me going and achieving what all I destined for.

Just a few years back, received the toughest blow that life can give but I never give up zest kept me marching relentlessly to convert it into the sweetest blessing.

I truly believe every obstacle in your life comes to pave a new path for you, every storm gives you a chance to renovate and every dark night has the capacity to bring a bright beautiful morning.

Keeping the same belief, I am moving with the purpose to brighten the lives of people who got stuck somewhere and are not finding their ways to move ahead.

I try my level best to infuse the positivity in them and to navigate what is called their negative thought patterns.

I do believe in learning. I totally agree with the statement that “ There is something to learn from everything and each new day is an opportunity to learn “.

Thus every sunny morning brings me a light of not only a new day but a new chapter to learn and absorb. I welcome me every day with open arms to receive and embrace the new learning it brings to me. I feel that is why people keep wondering seeing me so receptive and positive.

Also wants to convey my readers that

“ Start your day with a huge smile on your face, there is nothing as pleasurable for a being to seeing a smiling being.”

I am also a staunch believer in synchronicity. I feel whenever God wants to extract the best out of you, HE gives you a life-challenging situation but during those times he also assists you in one or the other way so that you should come out as the winner provided, need to understand those signs or signals.

The same happened to me I was appearing for my toughest exam of life, HE sent me an angel in the form of a  life coach  Mr. Deepak Jindal, an extraordinary soul whose life-enhancing insights have transformed me in totality.

Also, I want to add the name of my meditation teacher Deepika, a pure soul who came out as a savior when I was engulfed by the darkness from all sides. She is the one who taught me to maintain the smile on the face  saying  “ One should keep the smile so intact on one’s face that even the most depressive soul starts blooming seeing your  gleaming face.”

I feel proud and thankful to each and everything in my life.


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