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Virtual Keynote

With the commence of the pandemic COVID -19 we witnessed the usher in virtual keynote speeches. Almost all the organizations, companies, or institutes are planning their sessions online.

Shweta being a speaker and also as Assistant Area Director, club growth at Toastmasters International has delivered numerous keynote speeches from IIM Ranchi to SDMCET Belgaum, from Larsen Toubro to Abdul Kalam Saksharta Mission and the list is huge to count.

  • She is an International Speech Contest winner at Area Level (Bihar and Jharkhand ) twice.
  • Also, her speeches stand at par every time she speaks whether it is club or organization or any corporate. Along with that, she is also honored by Junior Chamber International (JCI) as the most inspiring women of the city for her motivating skills through words.
  • Being a writer she very well knows how to play with words so as keep her audience hooked and engaged throughout her session. She was well applauded during all her keynote speeches.

The topic ranges:

  • From Finding your true Potential to Living a Purpose Life
  • From Mindfulness to Thought Designing
  • From Stress Management to Anger Management to Relationship Issues
  • From Mastering The Art of Story Telling to Writing A Book.

Every word she speaks emanates her experience as a counselor, author, humanitarian and vivacious speaker. She is a true virtuoso who has an extreme capability to handle her tasks efficiently.

Not only keynote speeches she participated in many Panel Discussions as well as played the role of moderator or evaluators during debate competitions.

Keynote speaking has become a cornerstone of all the events online or offline. As the world is transitioning towards virtual platforms keynote speaking has also become an important event.

Thus she always ready with her keynote speeches to deliver in an effective manner providing a different taste to her audience with a key message to vouch on.

If you are looking for your online listeners to get motivated, to get inspired so as to take permanent actions so as to bring indomitable change in your organization or institute Shweta would be a perfect choice.


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