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The Three Biggest Regrets That You May Have About Life .

There were times when  I used to live an arbitrary life. There is no scope of anything other than moving with it (life). You can also say  I was a kind of organism who is living because the breath is working and there is no scope of escape till the breath stops. So living was the only option. Also today  I literally consider the previous “ME ” as a blind being moving using a stick (life). I can’t even recall any of the events when I walked on my own. The eyes were there but the vision was someone else’s, the stick was there but was provided by someone else, the path was there but shown by someone else. The period was like a treadmill which was on an “ON” mode and I have to run because I am not allowed to get off from it.


But how long you will keep running on it. Definitely you one or the other day you will resist and take the risk to come off. But the irony was, I was never brave to take the risk. So this action was taken by circumstances for me and threw me to a new zone.  Though it was a very arduous time I come out as a winner and conquered my own limitations, broke my own beliefs, broke many rules, and created a new future. But after some time again  I started feeling suffocated because the freedom of choice was still limited as this phase of my life I tied to achieving certain goals and fulfilling the purpose of life.


But now I feel, is achieving goals or fulfilling some purpose is the only essence of life ???

I really ask you all, the same questions:


( Sorry I don’t want to ask WHAT IS LIFE? , because I feel  living is more important than life.)



If not then what should I or we do so that we should not regret living a great life? Thus keeping the idea intact, I realize the below three things  are essential  so that at my death bed I feel that  “I have lived fully” or   can say  “I am ready to leave this world with no regrets .”


1) Living Others’ Experiences :


I truly believe “ EVERYONE IS HERE TO EXPERIENCE”. How often we have been directed or suggested? Though it is always good to take suggestions, directions, advice, or gaining from others’ experience. But you should believe in your UNIQUENESS as well. Just because someone had a bad or good experience with something or a certain situation doesn’t mean it will happen to you as well. So it’s your primary responsibility as a BEING to have your own experience. Don’t give yourself excuses which are an outcome of someone else’s practices. Experiment with your life. I know I am sounding wrong or strange as most of us don’t want to face mistakes or failures. But just guarantee me by living someone else’s experience you are not going to face disappointment.

Only 1% of the total human population is able to touch the zenith of their life because they experimented with their life and refused to replicate themselves. Thus the three major points to remember here are :

  1. Everyone is here to experience.
  2. Everyone is unique.
  3. Experiment with your life.



2) Not loving yourself :



LOVE YOURSELF, this funda is very trendy these days and I have seen we are taking SELF LOVE as a way of doing what you want to do or fulfilling certain desires or dressing the way you want to and many blah blah ways …….Though I am not opposing these as they are really important to SELF LOVE funda but it is not the only way. In fact, these things are actually taking us towards vanity, pride, ego, and hating others. And if you call this as self-love I would say its alarming time my friends.

Self-love is something where your SELF evaporates and only LOVE is left out. It is something when you start witnessing beauty in everything. It is something where you are free of any judgment, wrong or right notion, free of selfishness and you create a space for yourself to let the peace to enter. It is something when you understand cherishing the moments of self-presence is important than the presence of anything else.


You can attain self-love by following ways :

a)Physical :

Love your physical self the most. It says “Your body is the temple where your soul resides “, so respect it by taking very good care of it. Don’t let it feed on junk, take time to clean it, to keep it in proper shape and do the utmost you can for it as it is going to stay with you till the last moment of your life.

b)Emotional :

Just a question “ What you are doing to keep yourself emotionally healthy ????”

I would say we are blaming others, we are expecting from others, we are hating others, we are jealous of them or …….

Is this called emotional well being then what is the definition of emotional disaster ?????

Friends, our emotions direct our life and the happy news is “We have all the capabilities to produce and alter it.” Then how can we allow ourselves to produce such negative things? Thus try to be more and more aware. For that, I will tell you my secret. Keep asking yourself after every hour “ How are you feeling ?” and if the internal voice says“ Not good” then  ask yourself another question “What are you thinking ?” You will find you are thinking something wrong, thus change the thought with a better quality thought.

Our emotions are an outcome of our thoughts only once we learn the art of changing thoughts we learn to conquer life.



Don’t want to comment much about it as I am on a journey to explore more about it. But can say it is an indispensable route towards SELF LOVE….

3) Not learning the Art of dying :



I know this is a kind of weird statement for many of you. Here I am not using the dying in a literal form but want to suggest that everything is transitory. Here I am using death as a metaphor for letting go off the past. Once you learn that “EVERYTHING IN THE JOURNEY OF YOUR LIFE IS TEMPORARY “ then you will always wake up with a new zest.

Hereby dying I also mean LIVING IN THE MOMENT and being able to continue the journey as a student of life with learning as your mark sheet.

I believe


Understanding death is certain and to live the moment is the only way of living that makes us live our life wholly. Whatever success or failure, mistakes or achievements, ups and downs happened in your life was temporary and right now they are dead. Don’t keep on harping the same tunes and live this moment fully. In fact, keep creating more and more joyful moments so as to live a contented life. Thus the three  major takeaways are:

1) Nothing is permanent.

2)  Let go.

3) Live in the present moment.


Friends above all I want to convey that we are here for just a certain period of time wherein we all are travelers. No one knows what is going to happen next???? So what are we doing and why are we fooling ourselves around the things which at the end of the day will not matter at all?

I hope my three above regrets will put you into a new perspective towards life  so that at our death bed we should not regret that “ MY LIFE WAS A DREAM AND I HAVEN’T LIVED IT .”



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