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The Three Biggest Myths About Happiness

Today, right now think of the moment when you were REALLY HAPPY. Now here REALLY HAPPY means you were HAPPY for no reason. Remember the moment when you felt that it is just oozing out from you and you have no control over it, and with the passage of every moment it spreads its expanse from happiness to joy, from joy to ecstasy, from ecstasy to bliss.

I know you are finding it tough to catch such a moment. And I can well empathize will you all because I too was the kind of person who had certain myths about happiness. But today I am going to make you feel it, I mean the REAL HAPPINESS if you will just spend your five minutes in reading this blog.

The FIRST biggest myth is


I know the word WHEN may seem strange. I will tell you about my experience. When I was a child, I always heard these lines

“ When I’ll have lots of money,  I’ll be very happy .”

“ When I’ll buy a big home I’ll be very happy.”

“When my daughter will achieve the highest levels of success, I will be very happy.”

“ When you will get married to a rich groom, you will be happy .”

And there are many “ when”  which I heard throughout and deduced the REAL HAPPINESS means WHEN……….


But when “ WHEN “came, I never understood or you can say when that WHEN passed on I never realized. I lived in a big home, brought up in a good earning family, topped almost all my examinations, married to a rich educated guy but I was never REALLY HAPPY.

I hope you know REALLY HAPPY.

So friends  the moral of when is “ NEVER DEPEND ON WHEN FOR HAPPINESS.”

But when we are REALLY HAPPY, you will get to know, keep reading…




I can understand this word YOU is again strange to understand how it can be a myth. I hope my further examples will clarify it.

“ If you do this for me, I’ll be very happy .”

“ If you buy me this, I’ll be very happy.”

“ Because you don’t listen to me, I am unhappy .”

“ I am not happy as you broke my heart “


And there are lots of YOU……and many times  “YOU’ don’t even know how  “ YOU “ has created unhappiness.

So friends just think by making your happiness dependent on YOU, aren’t you paralyzing your happiness ???


3) I :

Now just check our third myth

“ I can’t be happy, I have lots of bills to pay.”

“ I can’t be happy, I am not as beautiful as you .”

“ I can’t be happy, as I have a long way to go.”

“ I can’t be happy, I have a lot of responsibilities “


And the list for “I “ is also long……………………


So friends here “I”  depict even I am not happy with me.

But if you deeply ponder these three myths are nothing but an autopilot mode of your brain. We are educated in such a way that now our mind starts believing that REAL HAPPINESS is contained only in “WHEN”, “YOU” and “I”.When these three get proper nourishment we become happy, else we are unhappy.

We have to understand today, whenever we are unhappy or miserable we are putting boundaries on us. We are shrinking it to time/situation (when)  or the other person (YOU) or yourself ( I). With this limited boundaries, we cannot remain happy because we are truly limitless. Our true nature is love, peace, happiness, and joy. The moment we squeeze its arena it gets converted into pain or misery.


Life is a perfect amalgamation of pain and happiness, suffering and pleasure, ups and downs, pleasantness and unpleasantness. But the good news is all these combinations are just a state of mind and you are all-powerful to change your state of mind in a micro minute second. You just need to realize what you are producing. A micro minute moment of awareness that  “ Yes, I am producing unhappiness and I am all-powerful to convert it into happiness.”

Also, there are great myths about happiness being a by-product of life’s biggest achievements or fulfilling some purpose or attaining some goals. But the beauty of happiness lies in the tiniest of things.

To know this first of all I want you all to close your eyes for a second. Now smile broad and visualize your smiling face for five seconds. Now  just be in the moment and with open eyes visualize these moments from your life:


  • A beautiful, vast, crystal clear sky.
  • A smiling little baby
  • Sunrise
  • Helping someone for no reason
  • Making others laugh
  • Listening to favourite music
  • Time well spent with friends or family.
  • Your first creative piece
  • Walking barefoot on grass
  • Sleeping snuggling your little kid.
  • Your moment of craziness.
  • Your mistake which later on made you laugh.

And likewise, find more such moments from your life.

What we have learned here, THE REAL HAPPINESS is not anywhere but HERE right now. It doesn’t depend on anything, anytime, or anyone but in the moments, in the little things of life. So keep creating your moments with each passing moment and feel elevated.



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