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Ten Great Habits To Inculcate




How often we chide our kids for their bad habits or keep reminding them about the adverse effects of certain bad habits on them. But have we ever peeked out ourselves?  Do we have all the great habits? It says children don’t do what you say or advice. They do what they see you doing. They follow your footsteps. Thus we have no authority to rebuke them. It is us who have to take the primary step of inculcating some great habits in us so that they copy us.

Though with the above statements I too understand that with this fast-paced world we are left with very little time to follow certain healthy habits in us. On the other hand, we also know that it will truly keep us on track to being our “BEST SELF”.  But just ask yourself is this the lack of time which is stopping you or somewhere you really find it difficult to manage your day and ultimately left with nothing but blaming the workload. Just check once inside you. Ask yourself if your answer is YES then the following habits are a must for you. If your answer is  NO then, the following habits are highly advisable to you. My statement might puzzle you. But once you instill the following habits there is no stop to your “AWESOME SELF”.   

I have planned the habits keeping in mind your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. These habits are imperative for your holistic development. Whatever the things I will discuss further are nothing but a result of my personal experience.

  1. PAYING GRATITUDE:  How you start your day, determines the kind of day you are going to have. Even our elders used to say the same. I still remember my grandmother she had a dire habit of waking up exactly at 3.30 in the morning. After waking up she used to touch the floor saying ‘ Thank you Goddess Earth for this another wonderful day “. And then she used to fold her arms, murmur some prayers, rubbing her hands, and used to spread those warm rubbed hands onto her face. Once out of curiosity, I asked her about the same, “ Why you do this  every day?”  She told me this is nothing but gratitude that I pay to mother earth, then I breathe in air and feel grateful for the same. And with the rubbing of my hands, I feel I am alive, energetic, and peaceful.  Then she taught me something that day which I never followed till the time she was alive. She revealed a secret. According to her each and everything whether living or nonliving is working for you directly or indirectly.

Her advice aroused inquisitiveness in me and I asked,” how each and everything is working for me.” She smiled and replied  “ For example the clothes you are wearing. You are possessing it not only because you paid for it or you earned money to buy it. In fact if you deeply think there are many people involved in the making of a single piece of it. It may be a farmer who grew cotton, a weaver, a spinner, a miller, a tailor, and then shop man. This is the outcome of many working hands. Thus in this way each and everything is available to you. You can’t personally thank all the people working behind the scene. So try to be thankful for each and every minute particle of the earth.  Each and every spec is involved in the creation of everything.  But today when I understood how important it is to be grateful, I try my best to do the same.

She told me to be grateful to each and every element of this universe. The bed you sleep on, the bedcover that soothes your whole night, the footwear you wear, the water you drink, the food you eat, the chair you sit as it carries your weight, the books you read, the clothes you wear and her attitude of gratitude seemed endless.

But with this experience and literally following it I explored that it is one of the most important habits to inculcate. It keeps you grounded and you always feel joyful.


2) Appreciation: 

It says “ Be hearty in appreciation and lavish in praise”.Every one of us has a very deep urge to feel important, to be appreciated, to be recognized. So I also experimented with it and ultimately proved very satisfying and joyful.

. It says if you give your sincere and honest appreciation to others for their qualities, you immediately imbibe those qualities in you. Even it makes you feel pleasant and elated. I want to share that I have experimented with it with my son a few years back. I struggled a lot to improve his handwriting but certain like Wow!!! , Wonderful!! Proved a magical spell to me. The job which was difficult to get done by anger or scolding got accomplished with few words of admiration.

Even I can say these magical words can get any difficult task done without any fuss. Many other troubles will also find a smoother way if you try to leave a friendly trail of hearty appreciation on a daily basis. Finding good in others works both ways, yours and theirs. It is also one of the motivating factors or habits for you to keep the good work up.


3) Proper Sleep:

It says most of the people in the world are suffering from insomnia or lack of sleep.

When I was a kid I couldn’t even stay awake for a single night. But these days I may live without proper sleep for days. What is the actual reason behind it? Do I don’t like to sleep or the sleeping pattern changes with the growing age? Somewhere the work pressure, the deadlines have created so much stress and anxiety that, we feel sleepy when we work and we are awake when we should sleep. A sound sleep is important not only for health but it can positively impact your life. With a sound sleep you are more active and agile throughout the day. Moreover proper sleep increases concentration. Poor sleepers have the risk of many diseases. I always find myself in a dizzy state whenever I don’t get proper sleep. Thus these days I follow some silent activities, which I will share in my next blog, before sleeping which induces sound sleep. But one thing I can suggest fix your time to go to bed and to get up  This may seem difficult for some days but ultimately will make you feel more productive.


4) Meditation:

Who doesn’t know the benefits of meditation?

It says a calm mind cures anything. If someone really asks I get acquainted with this habit very late. Just two years back, I imbibed it in me. As proved and validated by many scientists and researchers that it not only is beneficial to your health but also to raise well being in all the areas of our life. I can also say since I started my meditation, I become more firm in my decision-making skills and in raising the standard of my life. I drastically changed my life from nothing to everything. It made me meet me and thus if you can really go through my Facebook pages or Instagram account, you can see the kind of transformation. I am thankful that God has put me on track and made me determined enough to follow it with commitment.


5) Physical fitness:

It says “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body “, also your body is a temple where your soul resides. So it is a must for us to spend at least 30 minutes daily in activating and cultivating the habit of perfect health.

It is one of the best ways to achieve personal excellence. Physical fitness is the secret of longevity, super energy, and serenity. You need to strive for perfect health in your life so as to balance all the areas of your life. It may be through the intake of a balanced diet, the proper amount of water, or maintain hygiene. Also physical excellence precedes mental excellence.

6)  Relaxation and Renewal time:



The body and mind are like a car that requires oiling and fuel from time to time. There is no point keeping yourself busy as a bee, it’s cool to be “easy being busy.” This mantra “Easy Being Busy” can only be achieved if you take some time for your relaxation and renewal. It may be through practicing some skills,  playing, singing, listening to music, gardening, taking up a few classes of your interest, strolling in the open air, nature walk, etc. There are innumerous ways and you know your way better. The key is that you do it on a daily or weekly basis as per your time schedule.

7) Reading:

What we do keep our muscles toned and to keep our bodies in good shape? We go to the gym or follow some yoga exercises. These days calisthenics is too trendy and most of the young crowd is fascinated towards it.

Similarly our brain to have muscles that need to be toned everyday. It also says “Reading is the treadmill of mind “. I don’t want to point out that it will increase your vocabulary or enhances your knowledge but I really want to point out that it will certainly help you ease your stress, anxiety and even will add a charm to your creativity. It also increases empathy, it strengthens your focus, enhances your concentration, induces good sleep, and above all makes you feel good whenever you feel low. Also, you have heard that a good book is better than ten useless friends. So let’s make it an everyday habit.

8) Plan your day:

Now you must be pondering she is suggesting a lot of good habits but it’s really tough to make all these possible with the hustle and bustle of life. So guys here’s a solution for you all, plan your day. This is the must habit one should inculcate. Once you plan I ensure you will be able to inculcate more than above-said habits and will be able to get free time even after pursuing these habits. I plan it a night before or early in the morning on a small piece of paper and keep it handy maybe in my pocket or at the back of mobile cover which keeps me reminding my tasks to be accomplished during the day. Once I finish the task I throw that paper.

9) Smile:

Right now go and have a look at yourself in the mirror. Then try to smile as broad as you can. And this is your real, genuine look. A smiling face is a solution to many problems, trust me. Though I can count on many advantages of smiling like it releases endorphin ( a happy hormone ), reduces blood pressure, makes your brain to make feel good, improves your mood the thing that struck my mind about a smile is “ It is the God’s signature on your face”. From that particular day I made it in my habit. Also with that it makes you look attractive,  you feel more positive, it makes you look younger. So guys what else do you want. Moreover, it’s free and is available anytime, anywhere !!! So go for it.

10) Love Yourself:

Last but not least, love yourself. And if you love yourself  I need not say what habits to inculcate.

To Foster relationships

With this  you all must be thinking we know very well the above habits are required for life mastery but what we actually need is to have more will power or strength so as to follow it on a regular basis. So for that I will answer you in my next blog.




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