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Stress a killer – Kill it before it kills You

It is very well said by Hans Style is “The only person without stress is a  dead person.”

For me, stress meant fast heartbeat, a temporary stop to thinking capability, turning of face color, irritation, short breaths, shivering, twitches, stomach problem, sleepless nights, etc, etc, etc…..

But with the time I have learned to a much greater extent how to manage myself during stressful situations. Thus,  I  define it as a signal or a telephonic ring that “I need a change “.Now the question arises what I need to change? When I deeply moved into, I got that I actually need to identify the thought which is creating the stress and have to take responsibility to change it.  



Actually, this happens with us most of the time. We are unable to find what we are thinking? Most of the time when we feel stressed we actually focus on the wrong thought that had arisen and this continuous focus may widen its horizon exponentially. This may further lead to a story that doesn’t exist. And actually, we are stressed about that self weaved story. It is like that monster who never get satisfied with whatever amount of food you keep giving. In fact the more food you provide the more its hunger will increase. Under such conditions, we have only two choices  “ Fight or Flight”.

I would rather prefer to fight, stand on the ground, or knock to get the ball in my court.

My punches are:

1)      Relax …What happened Dear?

2)      STOP!! Take a moment, take a deep breath.

3)      Take the responsibility to handle yourself.

4)      Feel what is happening and what had actually created this unpleasantness in you?

It says there are many kinds of stress among which I understood better is long term and short term. Short term stresses can be due to deadlines or some physical ailment or exams which goes as the period finishes. But long term stress is actually harmful as it may lead to innumerable diseases. This is also known as chronic stress and most of the time people get so used to it that they never realize that they are in stress. In such cases, I would rather suggest take out time for stress management else it will cost you a lot in the long run.


For it, we need to self-discipline ourselves whether it’s our fitness or diet, or emotional health. Certain other things that can help us out are  Music, Hanging around with friends,  Sleep, Laugh, Movies, Talking to your support system, etc. But still, in my opinion, these are just temporary stress busters as it may change our thought process for a time being but not for a longer duration of time. In my case most of the time I preferred humor, laugh, moving out, writing, or nature walk. But all the above things would not be available always.

So at last I found only two ways inhaling deep and try to change the thought into the positive as an instant remedy so that I can shorten its longevity. It says “ Change the scene to see the change “. Likewise, change the thought to throw the stress. Moreover, regular Physical Exercises, Self Help Books Yoga, and Meditation help a lot in coming out of chronic stress scenarios.


Life is short live it fully.


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