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Peace – The New Pace

Peace – The New Pace:

Democracy and Peace – symbiotic and mutually reinforcing | International IDEA

It says the person who is in peace with himself or herself can be in harmony with everyone. But it has also become a flourishing topic of a talk that with the growing pace of technology, with the rapid change in the world’s scenario it is often difficult to be peaceful. Almost everyone is looking for it. Just want to repeat the sentence everyone is looking for it oblivion of the fact, it is there within us. We need not go anywhere. “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself “ rightly said by Ralph Waldo. So if you really want to match pace with peace you have to start with yourself. Your daily life may be hectic, maybe overwhelming may be stressed or busy. But if you really want to enjoy it you have to make smart and some smaller changes which over a period of time can make a great difference in your life.

  • To identify what makes you peaceful: Finding out the things, the places or the activities that make you peaceful really is not the foremost step but also as we find it we are almost half done. Each one of us is unique and similarly, each one of us has our own way to be peaceful. For some it may be sitting next to someone, for some, it may be communicating to their loved one, for some, it may be deep breathing, for some it may be ensuing their hobbies. If you ask in my case it is sitting alone, writing, reading a book, standing in my balcony to have a look at wonderful look outside, nature walk, listening to music. To find out your peaceful activity so that the moment you feel that you are not at peace you can fix it.What is peace? | International Alert

  • Set a worrying time for yourself: I may be sounding strange, but it really helps. Set a time maybe ten to fifteen minutes for yourself as per your convenience saying “it is my worry time “. Try not to set it before bedtime. During this time you can shed tears, you can make recall certain memories. Allow yourself to be fully stressed. Don’t empathize or don’t give yourself advice that worry is irrational. Spend the entire time thinking about the things that stress you out and try to be as anxious as you can. After the fifteen get minutes get over calm yourself with deep breaths and return to normal chores. Practicing worry time will not only help you to feel peaceful but also will save a lot of time.
  • What Lis Thinks: Put Your Worries Aside
  • Practice self-reflection: Many businessmen, athletes, spiritual leaders, many world champions all cite the necessity of self-reflection as an important key to peace. Now here most of the time self-reflection is taken as meditation. But what I think is all about excavating your deepest self so as to find your deepest emotions, the reason behind your anger, your anxiety, your fear, your worry, your happiness, your joy, and many more. For this, I would like to suggest every night before going to bed just live your day once again and try to find the moments or situations in which you could have handled  more peacefully. Thus whenever you face the same thing again you will have the capability to handle in a more pacified manner.

  • Do some physical activity on a daily basis: There is no denying the fact that physical activities keep you calm and peaceful. There are many types of exercises that provide a tremendous amount of peace and yoga is one of them. Also, engage yourself in certain physical activities that release stress. Running is one of them which has proved to be the most meditative in the sense that provides peace. Regular physical activities promote balance in your life and peacefulness.

  • Allow and accept change: Here comes the most important scenario. We actually don’t accept the changes around us. We almost forget this fact that change is the only constant. With the growing human and with the development of world changes would definitely take place. But we always love to be seated in our comfort zones. Just ponder for a moment we always try to change the situation or try to control the opposite taking them as the cause of disharmony in ourselves. The moment you accept you are responsible for ant good or bad situation you give yourself a chance to transform your inner and outer world.

Apart from all the above factors like making your head and heart go hand in hand, appreciation, forgiveness, acceptance, keeping a journal, decluttering, organizing your surroundings, avoiding procrastination, finding happiness within, etc. which you can adopt so as to make pace with peace. It is our prime responsibility to keep ourselves peaceful. It is rightly said by Linda Evans “If there’s no inner peace, people can’t give it to you. The husband can’t give it to you. Your children can’t give it to you. You have to give it to you.”

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