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She Met Life : A Story of Transformation

  • What would you do if fate twists your ways?
  • What choice you will make if life starts playing against you?
  •  Would you fight or flight or accept?

“She Met Life”  is a soul touching , an unforgetful and a gripping story of a girl named Sophia from whom life has snatched all her laughter and what meant the most to her?  It’s the story of a love-filled couple, the story of a  perfect family,  the story of an ideal relationship.

Then what happened ?  What has actually made her husband Sameer to betray Sophia after so many years of a successful marriage? Is  Sophia able to come out of her tragic situation or her life remained fallen apart forever? Do circumstances bring any change in her or she keeps waiting for the circumstances to change?

It is an extremely moving and inspiring account of finding out the true meaning of life, the power of change, and how to keep moving even when destiny is against you.

A tale that can empower anyone to decide his/ her own fortune even when the situation is not under your control.

Life@Crossroads: A Tale on Mastering your Life and Business

The story revolves around the very concept of making a decision and proving it to be the best for oneself. Robert Frost’s poetry “The Road Not Taken” has inspired me to write this story. Along with that, I believe the words of Ratan Naval Tata “I don’t believe in making decisions, I take a decision and then make it right.”

The story deals not only with the mental hullaballoo we face at the crossroads but how to prove your hard-earned decision the best for you. For this, I have put across a theory called “Choose and Cling” or C & C. I believe decisions are all about proving the best for you.

In the book, you will meet few masterpieces of life who believed making a decision is not wishing that something will happen; it means taking action to cause something to happen. Their simple yet forceful decisions not only maximized their potential, but their desire to remain Cling to it had converted them from ordinary to extraordinary human.