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Meet Yourself – A Journey Towards Inner Self.

Online Stress Management Course By
Shweta Maheshwari

  • 3 days course.
  • Free lifetime consultancy.
  • Researched by NLP expert.
  • Course includes content, Video modules, worksheet, exercises, useful resources.
  • Know the most therapeutic techniques for coping with stress.
  • Get in-depth insight into various relaxation & cognitive techniques like problem-focused and emotion-focused.
  • Know how you can grow productive by learning stress management techniques.
  • This course will make your life a prosperous one.

Get this course now + Lifetime consultancy (FREE), at Just Rs 499/-.


Why You Should Be Stress-Free?

Stress Management is life management.  If you know how to control stress, your life will shine like a beautiful star. It will thank you for making it gorgeous. So, bring your life to a new level by learning how to deal with stress. 

How Stress Impacts Your Health Adversely?

It’s not the load that breaks but it’s the way you carry breaks it. Stress is a killer and it is medically proven. The bonanza gifts of stress are various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, asthma, cardiovascular problems, ulcers, insomnia, kidney disorder, fatigue, migraine, skin allergies, migraine, and the list is a long one. In short it is the root cause of all your disease. Thus it is better to spend 499/- than spending lakhs in hospitals.

Why Stress Management Course?

I believe life is too short to live in stress. Each one of us is well aware that worrying and overthinking are the primary years of stress. As time pass by we start enjoying being over-worried and learn to live a stressful life. Trust me this stressful life is nothing but your comfort zone. Success always follows those who dare to leave their comfort zones. Be ready to live a happy, peaceful, and successful life with this Stress Management Online Course.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Who Must Take this course?



Business Professionals




The Most Powerful & Most Affordable Course You Can Ever Find On Any Online Platform.

The course contains the best Stress Management strategies and activities for the person belonging to every walk of life. It may be an entrepreneur or housewife or a college-going youth. Whether you want to reduce stress at work, or learning new life hacks to help you remain calm during stressful times, my Stress Management Online Course will help you in every aspect. It will enhance all the areas of your life.

I provide complete solutions to my clients so that they can transform themselves and live a prosperous life.

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Why Choose Stress Management Online Course?

1. It includes the best practiced and experienced strategies so as lead a happy and peaceful life.

2. You can access it a lifetime.

3. You can be in personal touch with me via mail or can also go ahead with one to one counseling sessions.

4. It guarantees you a prosperous life ahead.

5. It includes content, Video modules, worksheet, exercises, useful resources.

5. Shweta is a an author of the book She Met Life, A Certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner and Personality Breakthrough Coach. 

What Are The Benefits?

1)  You now know all the strategies to cope with Stress.

2)  Understand how coping strategies differ from person to person.

3)  Is able to become more adaptive to the situations.

4)  You learn how powerful you can be.

5)  Understand what is long term stress and how it was impacting you.

6)  Well versed with visualization technique.

7)  Know various breathing and other exercises to alleviate stress.

8)  Learn to identify negative thought patterns.

9)  Learn to change thoughts.

10)  Become a more calm and relaxed person.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Shweta Maheshwari is author of internationally acclaimed bestselling book “ She Met life”. She is a speaker by passion and a life coach by compassion.
  • Basically, she works with working with  Allen Career Institute as an  ESOL faculty.
  • She has many accolades in the sack of her life.
  • She is awarded as most inspiring women of the city Ranchi by Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • She has won International speech contest at Area Level twice and humorous speech contest at Club level twice.
  • She is a triple crown awardee in accomplishing the mentoring program and completing all the levels of TI pathways under the motivational strategy.
  • She was honored by expresso an open mike organization for her literary work.
  • Right now she is the Assistant  Area Director, club growth for Bihar and Jharkhand clubs for Toastmaster International, and also the Vice President Education for Ranchi Toastmasters club.
  • Along with that, she loves reading books, writing blogs helping people, and aspiring to touch the lives of people with her innate potential.

The course will make you how you calmer. You sleep will increase. You will become more productive and efficient in performing your tasks. It will also increase your immunity level. By the end of this course, you will find yourself a more calm and peaceful person.

I would be sorry in that case, but I assure you it will benefit you the most.

The course is well researched and I had years of the hand of experience with my clients from various corporates like Larsen and Toubro, Techfocus, etc. Moreover, it aimed all the four fundamental pillars of your life i.e. mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual which you will not find anywhere.

The course contains a lot of worksheets and checklists so that you can keep record of your own journey.

You can be in my contact first via mail and then we will be contacted via video calling or one to one phone call consultation as you feel comfortable.