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My Story

Shweta Maheshwari is one of the most electrifying speakers who believe “Speak only with the intent to move your audience to action”.

Your speaking will go in vain if you aren’t able to make them stand on their toes in order to become the greater version of themselves.

She uses uncommonly and useful insights that make an individual live a purposeful life, teams to achieve high and ultimately organizations to become indomitable.

For the last four years, many organizations like Larsen and Toubro, Teqfocus, or many Institutions as well as individuals have chosen her for their important events so as to enlighten them with new insights and guidance.

Her book “She Met Life “ is in the bestseller list within a few months of its release and is now placed internationally on eBay, Waterstones, or Amazon making her a true global phenomenal for touching the lives of the people through her brilliant work.

Not only she is an Author or Blogger or Speaker or Coach but she is a true Humanitarian who very well knows to put herself in other’s shoes to empathize and to understand their mindset, thus counsels them and show them what path they should follow in order to live a life of abundance. Making people realize their true abundance is the sole motto of her life which keeps her moving on as a humanitarian.

  • She has a great ability to read people’s thoughts which makes her a spectacular  Thought Designer.
  • She believes “Our life is nothing but our thoughts”, thus designing them the best is the only way of life.
  • We wear designer clothes, purchase the best designing equipment for us, designs our homes from the best interior designer as per our approach then it is important to design thoughts so as to live a designer life.