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Miracles in your Mouth


” Don’t use your words to describe the problem, use them to find solutions “

Just open your mouth and find out what’s miraculous in it ?? I just give you five seconds

Did you find something ??? and if yes what is it?

Is it teeth, tongue, jaws, or pallet ???

No … we also throw words when we open our mouths.

Words…We use them to express ourselves, to make us laugh or cry, to wound or heal, to offer hope or help, or to take ourselves towards devastation or failure. Throughout human history, our great leaders have used powerful words to win wars, to establish peace, to transform the world and even words are used by some leaders to conquer, to establish slavery, or for destruction.

Once God asked someone to ask for a wish, you know what that gentleman wished for …

He said,” I want all my wishes to come true”. Thus with just one wish, he got all his wishes fulfilled.

It says an effective selection of words to describe the experiences of our lives can heighten our emotions or poor selection of words can devastate anything or can make us feel depressed. Also, it would be surprising to you as per researches 95% of the times we unconsciously use our words. Sometimes we even are not aware of what we have thrown from our mouths. I too face this problem that is why decided to write the blog.

Now first of all let us find  out three major reasons why is it important to select impoverished words :

1) To enrich our emotional wellbeing:

A few days back I have given a task to one of my mentees to write the words which he uses to express his emotions. The results were as per my apprehension. Most of the words were of low intensity or low frequency. I mean there were only a few words written by him to express his pleasant state of mind .90% of the list was full of disempowering words like sadness, anger, worry, stress, anxiousness, and depression. I don’t know why I feel the word depressed has become a cliché these days. Even if we feel bore we speak out “ It’s so depressing “,  if we don’t like any color we speak out “ What a depressing color!!” likewise for everything “ Depressing weather !!… Depressing movie !!… Depressing day!! And so on …. But have we ever thought that how adversely it is impacting our mindset and ultimately our emotions?

For our brains, the word depress means “lowest state of sadness” and the moment we use it , we are giving our mind a wrong message resultingly it really makes us feel depressed because we have commanded it the same way.

Remember guys as per our Neuro Associative Conditioning what we speak our brain takes our words as a command taken by a genie from his or her master and produces results in no seconds to make us feel the same. Thus if you want to feel happy or want to remain emotionally healthy change your words, enrich your vocabulary with some uplifting words. How and which words I will mention in the end.

2) To keep pace with your ultimate destiny :

We are not here to feel depressed or unhealthy or sad or to sense any negative emotion. We are here to experience life. Though negative emotions are a part and parcel of the experience of life. I would suggest keep it as an experience only. Don’t make it the truth of your life. Everything is happening right in your lives, everything is well-orchestrated for our highest well-being, everything is happening as per the law of nature.

But we tend to change our destiny by just ushering dispirited words from our mouths. Whenever we face any challenge we start cursing ourselves or the situation or the destiny thinking of ourselves as the victim. What I believe even in the harshest of times use empowering words to create a prosperous future.

Remember once again “Your words matter a lot for your highest destiny”.How and which words to use I will discuss in the end.

3) To ensure more pleasure and less pain:

Linguists have proven that our words shape our experiences. Go for an activity today …Look out of your window and simply say, “ What a pathetic weather !! “ and then convert your words as  “ What an awesome view the sky is displaying right now!!”, and then check your state of mind. I would bet you feel the emotions you spoke.

A good or a bad experience is in your mouth. The word you choose shapes your experience. You are the creator of your pain or pleasure. You are just a word away from what you want to experience. Thus an enhanced word or vocabulary will bring a sea of change.

How and which words it’s time to discuss that….

For that, I would suggest the same activity that I have given to my mentee. Write down the words that you currently use on a regular basis to make you feel lousy or sad or disappointed or frustrated or hurt or angry or humiliated or bored. The moment you identify the words, play with them. Put your crazy head-on some fun and come with some happening words that can break your Neuro Associative Conditioning. Here are a few examples:


Negative                                                                                                                     Emotion Transforms as

I am feeling….

Angry                                                                                                                     I am feeling a little uncomfortable

Depressed                                                                                                             I am feeling not so good

Exhausted                                                                                                             I need recharging

Lonely                                                                                                                    I am happy on my own

Furious                                                                                                                  I am on a roller coaster

Nervous                                                                                                                 I am recharged

Failure                                                                                                                   It’s time to learn

Embarrassed                                                                                                        I am aware

Jealous                                                                                                                  I need a change

Lazy/ Lousy                                                                                                         I am restoring energy

I hate to…                                                                                                     I love to ….


Likewise, make your list and replace it with some uplifting words. For its implementation, you can even  paste it into a place where you can read it frequently. It’s not a one-day process, but gradually over a period of time, you will master this skill and can have a more happier and joyful life.









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