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Mindfulness is the basic human ability to remain present with what we are doing and where we are. Mindfulness helps you to overcome your anxiety or worries about what’s going on around us.

It is a quality which we all possess but we are oblivion of it. To be honest, it is not something you need to learn, it is something you need to realize that you are its incessant owner. In fact, what you need to learn in mindfulness is how to access it?

In simple words, I would like to suggest “ Being Present “. Many techniques are developed over a period of time on it and innumerable books have been written in order to make us focused or more aware of what’s going on?

In my opinion, it will just take a moment or a shift in thought which will make you mindful. There is no rocket science in acquiring this skill as we already possess it. Just a shift of awareness or realization can make you mindful.

Her mission is to help her clients with mental health issues and always longs them to live an abundant life.

She is extraordinarily skilled in infusing positivity, hope, happiness, and joy in anyone’s life. Her demeanor itself calls for it. Her smiling face, easy to go nature and happy go lucky way can make anyone transform. Each and every cell incessantly emanates positivity which fills the person in contact with the same energy.

Her innate qualities make her a great counselor. Her unsurpassable listening skills serve as a cherry to the cake.

For mindfulness, we need to learn the technique of being aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. It provides many physical and mental health benefits. It enhances your coping skills, it destresses you, and can also help you to get rid of many chronic diseases as well, thus ensuring you a better life. Mindfulness can be practiced while sitting in a quiet room, while eating or even while walking as well.

Shweta, being a Mindful Coach who is a regular practitioner of Vipassana Meditation  can shoot your life where you can’t even think of.

Being Mindful is a way of life…..

Being Mindful Brings you home.


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