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Listen to your body

What do we generally do when we fall sick or don’t feel well? We go to the doctor. He prescribes us some medicines which we readily buy and get well soon and sometimes not. Do you think this is the only way to treat your body? Here I don’t want to say that don’t consult any doctor, but have you ever thought that through little aches, pain, or ailments our body wants to speak to us. It wants to communicate with us. Have you ever asked your body how are you? Have you ever tried body asking, if not then do check the blog till the end?

There is an old saying  “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.” Great advice!! Really!! But do you follow it?

Think about your car for a moment. Don’t you send it for regular services? Don’t you go to the gas station once it indicated that the tire pressure is low, that its oil needs changing soon? Why?


  • you don’t want to get a flat tire
  • you don’t want your engine to seize up
  • you don’t want it to put you in any unworthy situation

Similarly, our body too creates whispers.

What do you do with those whispers?

Do you listen to them?


Do you find the whispers annoying? And put them aside? And give excuses

  • I have too many things to do
  • It’s not really that painful
  • Just a little of this trick and I will be fine

Our body silently whispers in the form of pains, aches, emotions, gut feelings, breathing patterns, frustration, irritation, etc. Often we ignore our little pains thinking they will never go away.  In fact, over a period of time, we may get used to it and don’t hear them at all. Pay attention to it. Listen to what it requires. It may be sunlight, water. It may want you to slow down. It may be asking you to pay attention to the way you breathe, It may be asking a regular routine. It may be asking you to shun fast food. It may be asking you to do away with your addictions or maybe a lot of other things.

We often ignore such little whispers until one day we hear a loud scream.

Thus here I encourage you to and want to say that everything you need is within you, so start paying attention to your body’s unique wisdom. Take out time. sit with it taking as a separate entity. Ask it what do you want me to do for you?  Pamper it, nourish it, take excellent care of it. It is the only place you have to live in. It is the only thing that will remain with you till your last breath.

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