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Is meditation an escape or a serene encounter with the reality

Meditation is not an escape but a serene encounter with reality. This beautiful statement by Thich Nhat Hanh left me both in awe and dilemma. Awe because I am a meditator for the last 4 years and have encountered some realities during my 10 days Vipassana Silence Retreat last year. I can understand how meditation helps us all to meet the reality of everything yet,  I resist sometimes talking about it.

And the statement left me in a dilemma because I receive a lot of statements even from closed ones as well that what I am doing is nothing but escape …..” Yes there are many who believe meditation is an escape “.

But this time all thanks go to Toastmaster’s Pathways, Level 5 task which suggested me to go for a panel discussion. Thus I took the statement as a topic for my discussion so that  I should clearly understand what kind of thought process runs in people’s minds regarding meditation.

I chose six panelists ( Toastmasters) out of which two are a novice in this field, two are ardent meditators , one is totally adamant with the point that it is nothing else than cheating and one is somewhere like me, I mean dilemmatic to speak about it. We had an amazing panel discussion for around an hour and thus landed on the following conclusions:


Meditation is an escape … cheating ( if): A very accurate point is given by one of the panelists that it’s an escape. We are cheating ourselves if we are not applying what we have received while meditating during our 24X7 schedule. It would be like exercising and gyming day and night but having junk food the whole day. The point is very appropriate and almost all the panelists agreed to the same  and here are a few methods suggested by them which they try to follow :

  • Eat Mindfully
  • Walk-in nature
  • Focus on breathing
  • Keep your phone or other gadgets aside and face your thoughts
  • Do what you love
  • Mirror talking
  • Pillow talk

Stacked of Stones Outdoors

Meditation is a serene encounter with SELF: We all are stories in the realm of time and space. We weave our own stories as per our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. But meditation helps us to meet this reality. It is an excellent way to find ourselves, to understand who we are and what matters to us. To understand our life is just a manifestation of our mind-created stories. As we weave through life we start having toxic relationships, start reacting to unexpected circumstances, not even nurture our hidden potential, even keep our health and well-being at stake. But through meditation, we can create a better connection to self ultimately creating a better connection with life.

This is somewhere true as per my experience as well. I started meditating four years back and I have seen tremendous change in me in these four years. I have found myself to an extent, my true potential and am on a continuous journey towards transformation.


Meditation is a serene encounter with reality: It helps us to meet the ultimate reality of impermanence. We all know that change is constant and that everything has an end. But still, we keep living in past events or remain anxious for the coming times, but meditation can lead to a profound sense of peace and acceptance of the impermanent nature of everything. It frees us from all kinds of judgments. Though permanently grasping the impermanence is not an easy task but over a period of time with practice, we all can become start applying in our day-to-day.

Finally, meditation is an escape if we are not inculcating it in our day-to-day life. On the contrary, it is a serene encounter if we try our best to follow mindfulness in every moment of our day.

Thankyou TM Taiba , DTM Haritosh , TM Rajnish , TM Dipak , TM Piyush and TM Jaspreet for your wonderful insights which made me convert our discussion into a blog.

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