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Human Empowerment

Shweta Maheshwari is a certified life coach and an NLP practitioner that has been helping people to overcome and heal. She is a counselor, speaker, coach, consultant, and a renowned published author of four books. Along with she is certified by NIPCCD.

She is well experienced in stress management, relationship issues, anxiety disorders, PTSD, marital issues, feeling lost, alone, sleeping, or eating disorders. She is always with you whenever you want to listen. She is empathetic, caring, and a healer.

Her mission is to help her clients with mental health issues and always longs them to live an abundant life. She is extraordinarily skilled in infusing positivity, hope, happiness, and joy in anyone’s life. Her demeanor itself calls for it. Her smiling face, easy to go nature and happy go lucky way can make anyone transform. Each and every cell incessantly emanates positivity which fills the person in contact with the same energy. Her innate qualities make her a great counselor. Her unsurpassable listening skills serve as a cherry to the cake.

Her thought designing technique is what makes her unique as compared to other counselors. She shifts the paradigm in such a way that it can make anyone forget about the issues they are facing. Eventually, you find yourself designing your life towards a better and healthier future.


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