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How to discover your true potential

We have always been asked or many times our friends suggest us, follow our passion. How frustrating it is !!! Because we don’t know what we are passionate about!!

Every human being irrespective of religion, colour, caste or creed has the tremendous innate potential to follow his / her passion. But the basic question is still unanswered. What are we passionate about?

Do you think it’s a difficult task?

Do you doubt yourself?

Do you actually know that you are incredibly blessed with skills and talents?

So here we will discuss how to find your true potential and you will automatically get an answer to your innumerous queries.

1) Creation of Mindset:

Since childhood, we have been stopped or barred by our family members, not to do certain tasks.  The point here is not that they don’t want us to be different or they don’t want us to be successful. They simply love us and create a kind of wall around us so that we may not face any unwanted situation. They are highly protective of us, but somewhere it stops us from realizing our true potential.

Such a loving and protective attitude somewhere paralyzes us as well. We too gradually become fearful to face any uncertain situation and love to remain in our comfort zones. Just check the situation here we have a lot, but we even don’t know about it and above all, we are feeling lack. This lack slowly converts into frustration and gradually we start hating ourselves thinking “we are good for nothing”. The thing that adds fuel to the fire under such circumstances is jealousy. We start feeling envious when someone else receives huge success. In fact, if we deeply check,  it is not jealousy, deep down it is your true potential which you haven’t used and is shouting loud to us“ YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING “.

I hope many things got clear from the above example. Thus the only solution here is to create a mindset. If you convince your mind that passion seeking is not a difficult job and you can do it easily then half of your job is done. You are on the way, where you are removing the bars, unblocking the little nudges on the way of your potential, and signals yourself to move ahead. You have to affirm yourself that you “CAN”.


Thus your mindset should be


2) Walk with the Icon: 

Just look in your surroundings. It may be your parents, your siblings, your friends, your family members, or anyone. Find out how many of them are actually following their passion. When you find them go and talk to them. You can seek their advice or you can ask them to share their story with you. This will certainly help you out, to get more into yourself. Also you will understand that finding and following your passion is not a difficult task. In case you don’t find such a person in your surroundings then expand your circle, associate yourself with the people who are able to help you out to seek the true potential inside.

Also, there must be a person who inspires a lot. The person upon whom you look as an inspiration.The person like whom you want to act, behave, or lead your life. If you don’t have please find and walk with them.

Here walking with the icon means you keep pace with your inspiration by everyday visiting their websites, reading their blogs, checking their videos, or follow how they lead their life. Find out their positive attributes. Find out how they handle difficult situations. Try to imbibe those positive qualities in you. For example, Akshay Kumar is a health icon to many. He has inspired a whole lot of folks through his determination and passion for healthy living and eating. Likewise, you must have someone to follow. I would suggest following your legend passionately to track out your passion.

3) Visualize the person you want to become:

To find passion and to grow in the same direction is solely your decision. You cannot afford to give power to anyone to hinder your way. The path may be full of difficulties or many stumbling blocks. So after following the above two steps you have to take a firm decision to see yourself as the person you want to become in the times to come.

This step will become easier if you have truly followed step number two because now you know the kind of person you want to become. Now you just have to visualize yourself standing on the top of the mountain hill, following and achieving your passion.

Here are the best possible exercises for the same:

  1.  Begin by imagining that you have given full freedom passion or potential or dream to come true. What do you do? How do you feel while on the way of achieving what you want? What kind of people are surrounding you? How do you feel?
  2.  Free yourself of any kind of limitation or lack and stop pulling the harness of your imagination. It should flow or glide freely like a bird in the sky.
  3.  Give your mind a command that everything and anything can be possible. You have all the skills to follow and achieve the maximum out of your potential
  4.  Last but not least be thankful for everything you have right now. It may be your present income, your family, your friends, your body, your mind, food, water, air, water, and the list is long.


As we know our brain works through the visualization process and it takes the video clippings we play in our mind as the only truth. So shun any kind of fear or don’t stress yourself while you visualize.

4) Hone your Skills:

This is the most important step that you must drink down to the bottom. Once you realize that you have been sent down on this planet with innate potentials imprinted in your soul, you need to sharpen it. Let’ s take an example of a knife. It is of no use when left fallow for a longer period of time. It will get rust easily and you need to throw it out. The same is applied to each and everything, if left unused it is of no use. Thus your potential may have got corroded with the passage of time as you haven’t even realized it.

The moment you get to know the true potential inside you, that very moment is the right moment for it to be sharpened and given a required shape. One needs to spend time in order to feel joyful and blissful. There is no worst crime than killing the talents inside you. Most of the people realize at their death bed that their life was a blessing but they themselves have converted it into a hell.


5) Keep Walking:

When you seek your passion you may have to face a lot of mutinies. There will be parts of you that might be resisting you. We all have our own fears, times of failures, mistakes, and vulnerability that whispers in our ears to stop. At times they force you as well to stop doing what you love to do. A moment may come when it leaves you demotivated and you feel like giving up. It is important to handle such moments of disheartenment.

Here I can suggest you a few points for the same:

  1. a) Understand these are past experiences and has nothing to do with your present task
  2. b) These are just the voices inside your head. Your passion will remain out of grasp if you keep listening to these voices.
  3. c) Look the fear beneath these voices and try to empathize with yourself.
  4. d) Uncover your childhood and remove the conditionings your parents or your teachers or the society imposed on you.

Apart from inside resistance you may face pulling back from outer situations as well. But once you learn to handle the inside structure, I assure you that no outside forces can stop you from following your passion.


 Along with the above 5 steps check the following as well:

  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Be kind and empathetic towards yourself
  • Read positive and inspirational stuff
  • Embrace success and failure equally
  • Recognize and replace negative thoughts
  • Establish goals for yourself.

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but seeking the goodness that is already within you.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or Narendra Modi are great not because they listened to the resisting voices inside but they followed what their hearts said. All the huge entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani or Birla Or Tata are savouring the fruits of success because they used their potential up to the optimum and kept walking even when they are in the clutches of a rough storm.




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