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How to be more resilient in times of challenges ?


It’s common human nature to resist change especially when it comes in the form of challenge or adversity. But I am a firm believer change is constant and is inevitable. It may come in any form, but most of the time we fail to take that it when it is against us. Thus building resilience is the only way to face each and every stumbling block of our life. But before moving further we will understand what is resilience.

It is our capacity to cope with stress, adversity, difficult times, or challenges. Resilience is not something we are born with. It is a skill set which we have to develop over a period of time which involves our behaviours, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Before starting anything I would like to suggest life is not a platter of sumptuous dishes which will be served to you as per your wish or desires. To fulfil your desires, goals, or dreams you have to go through a lot of pain. Usually, in the lieu of short term gain, we end up serving ourselves with long term pain. If you are aiming for a moon or the desired life you have to learn to be resilient. Now the point arises what to do when we face any challenge, obstacle, or adverse life situation or how to strengthen resilience. Thus for this, I am here to suggest a few tips:

1) Redefine your problem:

Before saying anything about it I would like you all to learn this equation:

Problem = Focus / Resilience

Here if you check focus is directly proportional to the problem.  Your excessive focus on any problem will increase its intensity. But the good news is the problem is inversely proportional to resilience. It means an increase in resilience leads to a decrease in the problem. The more resilient you grow the more you will be able to tackle the problem. Thus redefine your problem in a resilient way by focusing less on its negative impact and focusing more on what you can actually do or what next step you can take in order to face the problem and come out as a winner.

Friends, there is a difference between having a  big problem and making it big. I don’t want to say here you are facing any problem, but how you face or define it,  determines your resilience. Thus here I suggest a simple change in a statement like “ I AM BIGGER THAN MY PROBLEM” can shift your focus and can make you more resilient in order to face it.

2) Program yourself to handle failures and mistakes:

Life is a roller coaster ride. Its roads are not smooth. The best success habit is getting trained for downfall and defeat. Only then you will be able to enjoy the fruits of success. It is not possible to get everything in life. Grasping high knowledge or studying in the best universities will only prepare you to survive. But life is more about thriving which is not possible without learning to handle adverse situations. A few years back I have very well read “Your stumbling blocks are nothing but pieces of your success. Keep collecting it so as to build the castle of success .”  In short, your failure doesn’t depict your fall. It actually illustrates that you are moving forward because when you get up you will find yourself a step ahead.Focus on what is under your control: I take this under the “let go”  category. Flounder or worrying about the things, people, or events that you can’t control will help nothing but will drain you out what you actually can. If you are successful in doing it trust me you will be able to come through the storm in a very convenient manner. I accept bad things happen but how you respond is where your power lies.  For this, you just have to take few steps …

  • Accept that wherever you are or what you are is simply your responsibility. The moment you take this step you transfer the power into your hands. Now no situation, person, or event has any supremacy on you.
  • Choose to take charge of your emotions and channelizing them in a positive direction.
  • Believe in yourself that you have the capability to do anything.

3) Tickle your funny bone:

This is my favourite humour emerges as the one of the most protective factor. It diminishes our flight reaction to challenges or negative events. Humour has a tremendous capacity to reduce our stress hormones named cortisol. It also shifts our perception of a difficult situation to a less distressing event. Now how to do, take a break and experience or watch something that makes you laugh. It will make you feel better at that moment and will help you to adapt the reality easily.

4) Remember this too shall pass:


Try reminding yourself ‘ This too shall pass’. Nothing is permanent in this life and nothing lasts forever.  Change is constant. Everything in life has a beginning and an end. I can understand the present situation you are facing is not in your favour but it is not perennial. In fact, take it in another way this present situation is essential for me to take towards my highest destination.  Storms don’t end up destroying, in fact, they end up renovating. To become a masterpiece one has to face sharp tools. Your present tough time is nothing but that sharp tool which is sculpting your future. Thus believe, believe, and believe “ THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

5) Love yourself:

I don’t think so I have to explain much about it. I always suggest this in every blog or video. So right now go and stand in front of the mirror. Look directly into your eyes and say aloud to the person opposite “ I LOVE YOU “. This activity will lessen half of your problems.

Some other tips :

  • Read or write positive affirmations.
  • Explore your creative side.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Recharge yourself every morning.
  • Pay attention to what you eat.
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Get help and give help

Also, friends according to a  famous psychologist  to achieve the greatest psychological health, some kind of suffering is necessary.”


Thus “ Never give up”

“Be resilient “  as it is during storms only we come to know our true worth.