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How to Awaken Yourself ??


The question was asked by someone on my Facebook group (Meet Yourself – A Journey Towards Inner Self)


Though somewhere I know the answer but was not aware of the fact that how to answer it in a few words. Thus I promised to post a blog on it. So here I am with my experience and a little knowledge to share with you all how to awaken yourself.

For this, I will first answer why we somewhere have this deepest desire. The moment you know why, how will become simpler for you. In fact, I want to leave how on you, as I believe every living being is here on his/ her own journey. You cannot walk on someone else’s path. Even Buddha too said,

 “  You have to do your own work; those who have reached the goal can only show the path.”

In short, each one of us must live truth by direct experience. Only this living experience will awaken you. No one else’s truth will awaken you. Even the Enlightenment of Buddha could awaken only one person, Siddhartha Gautam. Someone else’s realization can act as an inspiration for others, offers guidelines to follow, but ultimately you have to do your work yourself. Truth can be experienced only within oneself. Only within we can have actual, direct living experience.

Now coming to the various reasons why we want to get awaken or why we should put ourselves on the path of awakening ourselves. Moreover why modern man is looking more for it than the previous generations :

1) Evolution Process:

As pointed out by Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens, human evolution happened in a very short span of time than other creatures which lead to certain emotional issues of dominance, hatred, and envy among us. These emotions not only remain unresolved in fact these emotions grew with our further evolution and thus became a part of the parcel of our life or I can say it’s in our DNA now. But in our true sense, we are lovers of peace and wisdom, and our deepest core looks for it every single moment. Also, it says this desire is present more intense in those who listen to their inner voice or follow their heart.

Somewhere sometimes you must have felt that your inner feeling speaks to you. So my friends if it so with you then I would say it’s high time to shed these layers of negativity as something is calling you to get awakened.

2)Technological Advancement:

A few days back read this beautiful line “Technologically we are growing by leaps and bounds but psychologically we are crawling.” During our human history, we have never been richer or advanced than what we are today, still, we are unhappy. We’ve never had more, created more, or made greater technological advances than in the past 10 or 15 years. Researchers also said people in 2005 are happier than in 2021. The happiness index of 2014 shows that countries like Indonesia are far richer than developed countries. Thus it is evident that wealth, riches, or technological advancements do not bring happiness or satiate the true nature of your inner being which is relentlessly looking to get awakened. This advancement has left us hollow.

3) Emptiness:

This far-fetched evolution and technological growth may have brought a humongous change in our lifestyle or mannerism but it has adversely impacted our deepest being. Because what we seek is transitory. The only part of the Universe which is constant is the Spirit inside you. But unfortunately, to quench its thirst we rely on outer sheen. Friends any kind of success is transitory. Any triumph in any kind of field is momentary. The relationship that is awesome today can be disastrous the other day. Children grow and get busy in their lives, blooming flowers will die one day. Your definition of success, happiness, or wealth will change one day.

But your Spirit is something which is incessant. Thus you must allow yourself to experience something extraordinary.

My idea may seem strange to some of you, but if you are ready, the idea of rediscovering your spirit will ring true for you. And if you ready then only you go ahead reading the blog further, else you can stop here. If you choose to read further, then you can proudly say that “Yes I am Chosen because I Choose.”

How to Awaken?


1)  Know Thyself:

One who knows other people is wise.
One who knows himself is enlightened.

In order to get awakened, you must put yourself on the journey of Knowing Thyself. There is no permanent road to it, there is no destination to it. In fact, it is just a kind of journey which can bring beautiful experiences to your life. It’s like an endless well. The more you excavate the more precious gems you will keep finding in you.  The more you seek to know yourself and the truth of who you are, the more you will awaken.

2) Being Honest to Your Knowing:

On this journey of knowing yourself, you may meet a new YOU. It may happen that you feel every moment you are changing. It may happen you may not like the new YOU. It may happen people in your environment may not accept the new YOU. But I would suggest you just keep accepting without creating any mindset for the new YOU. Do not label yourself as good or bad. Just Be You, Remain honest to YOU and accept You.

3) Continue Moving Forward:

I would again say if you have chosen this path then you are chosen to this purpose by the divine, so remain on it. You have an inbuilt guidance system that will help you to navigate the path. Just follow that instinct. There is no other way to this. No one’s experience will help you. In fact, avoid listening to other people’s experiences until you feel confident that each one of us will have a unique experience.

At last, would love to say all of us are all loved and cared for by that higher power. It has no favorites. It whispers its divine intelligence in everyone’s ears, you just have to pay attention and take action. You have to be conscious. Our unconscious living is making it something strange for us. Else we all are here to experience the beautiful journey of awakening.







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