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How do I train myself to be consistent?

It says persistence can help you get what you want, but consistency helps in keeping it. Consistency is more important than perfection as it levels you up from average to excellent. Keeping the same in mind and to inculcate the skill of being consistent in me, I picked up a 90 days video challenge starting on 22 January 2022. Picking the challenge happened in the heat of the moment and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of hitting the nail when the iron was hot . But to remain consistent it is important to train me to be consistent in whatever I want to pursue. Thus here through this blog, I will share my 5Ds which I think is the most essential to develop consistency in me.

1) Decide for what you want to be consistent:

Yesterday I declared on my WhatsApp that I am going to pick a 90 days video challenge. Anyone interested can go ahead with me, we can be accountability partners for each other. Though I received many messages from the 98% of people who were indecisive about what they wanted to be consistent. Thus I would like to suggest my dear until and unless you don’t decide what you want, what skills you want to instill in you how can it be possible to talk about consistency. So go ahead and ask yourself what you want. If you want some habit in you pick that up … wanna be more regular with your workouts pick that ….. wanna more consistent in reading or writing habits …go ahead. But pick it and most importantly that’s your call. No one can help you with this. You have to be the master of your decisions.

2) Determine your goal:

Now that you have decided what you want. Set a goal for yourself until you want that particular thing to get accomplished. Suppose you have decided to lose 5 kgs extra weight from your body. Then decide when and how you can do it. Even set up a time for that particular activity. Define it minutely. For instance, I have decided I will shoot my videos after coming back from the office and will edit it by 10 pm and anyhow will upload it by the end of the day. Also here I want to say be flexible with the timings. We are humans things may go up and down. Your accomplished task for that particular day is more important than when you are doing it.


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3) Do it right away:

It says “ Inspiration is Perishable “. The right to hit a piece of iron is when it is hot. There may be moments in our day-to-day life when we feel highly inspired, encouraged, or motivated to do something. I would say take a call at that particular moment and do the things right away. As soon as the idea of picking 90 days video challenge struck my head I right away took the action and within an hour got done and dusted.

4) Denominate an accountability partner:

Once again I want to say “ Inspiration is perishable “ and we may lose track on the way. Thus the next step you should take is appointing an accountability partner for you.He/She may be your friend, elder, or mentor. Pick the person who you know will keep you inspired throughout. In my case, it’s my son, friends, mentor, and many a time social media. It would be easier for you to keep a record of your task when you keep sending your everyday report to your accountability partner.

5) Do away with results:

I believe ” Doing is more important than achieving”. Once you are focused on what you are doing right now, the tremendous results will automatically find a way to meet you. Thus keep doing your everyday task with laser focus, giving your best shot without thinking about the result. It will also keep you away from being anxious.

Thus at last will say Rome is not built a day. It requires regular and consistent hard work in order to add value to our lives. Everything starting from health to our relationships to finances to all our aspirations to success requires regular efforts from our side.

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