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Instill Positivity And Drive Happiness Everyday

Let me overshoot your life to your desired destination via THOUGHT DESIGNING.

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What do I do

A trainer by profession , an author , a motivational speaker  by passion and a certified life coach by compassion , running a life enhancing . She is also an eminent member of Toastmasters International Club working as Assistant Area Director , Club Growth serving Bihar and Jharkhand. She is  also an area level winner in International Speech Contest . She is presently working as an educationist who has touched many lives through seminars and workshops . She is moving ahead in her life keeping the purpose of bringing change in society through her writing and speaking skills.

I Coach.

I coach to maximize your potential so as to reach your desired destinations with an ultimate goal to make people meet themselves in totality.

I Speak.

I speak with a whole hearted intension to transform the lives of people , to motivate and to inspire them to live a fulfilling , purposeful life. 

I Write.

Apart from my book “ She Met Life” which an epic story of transformation, I do write various blogs with a mission to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge .

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My Mission:

  • Education makes you to have a living but my courses will help you to understand how to live life.
  • There is a long bridge between your desired goal and the road to achieve , my courses are that bridge
  • We all have dreams but logging in to my courses will play the role of catalyst to develop the skills so as to achieve those dreams.
  • Everyone has a spark but here you will find the right flame to kindle that spark and spread it into fire.
  • Every one has potential but here you will find the key to unlock those potentials.

My Vision:

  • To make an individual to reach his or her highest potential.
  • To transform not only outer but the inner personality of an individual.
  • To make and provide an environment where in a particular individual is nurtured with care.
  • To impart personality knowledge which serves to fill the gap in current environment.
  • To bring dreams into reality.
    To develop a relationship between the diverse and complex standards of habits and ettiquettes.
  • To have a relationship with self.

My story

If you see me outwardly , I am a lovely , bubbly , chirpy and a happy go lucky character. But if you go deep inside me you will find many intricate layers of emotions such as love , empathy and compassion. Though life wasn’t easy for me , but yes now I am well equipped and well ready with my instruments to face even it’s hardest brunt in an easier way.  A girl born up and brought up in a huge family where in daughters are not much welcomed but still my mom’s strength kept me going and achieving what all I destined for. 

Just few years back, received the toughest blow that life can give but my never give up zest kept me marching relentlessly to convert it into the sweetest blessing .

Let me help you design your life in the right ways via DESIGN THINKING.