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Emotional Intelligence

To be emotionally intelligent

How would you feel or react if someone criticizes you or your work or keep nagging at every step what you do?

How would you feel or react when someone adores you, appreciate your work, or express gratitude?

In a dictionary also the word emotion means a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. But here I totally refute the statement which says something else is responsible for the creation of different emotions or thoughts or feelings in you and I would like to take the total responsibility by the mantra ‘ I am all responsible ‘ of any kind of thought or emotion in me. I truly believe your emotion or your state of mind is your responsibility and only you have the power to mold it or to convert it into something which will create a healthy impact on you as well as your surroundings.

Though I very well understand your point that the way a person behaved has made you feel the way you felt. But if we keep having this notion throughout we will try to change the way we should react. So better why not handgrip it and take it towards our side by owning it. Now we become the owner of that particular emotion. 

After owning it, create a thought in your mind that’ I am all potent,  means now you have all the powers inside you to convert it into a positive one. Trust me this is emotion, not a chair or table that can’t be reshaped. It is totally intangible. Now when you realized your potential and converted it into a positive one, you go to the third mantra ‘ I am disciplined’.

Now at this point, you have to practice these two steps “ I am responsible “, “ I am all potent “ whenever any unpleasant emotion comes in you. When you keep exercising this third mantra, again and again, you will find that over a period of time you became all-powerful. At this stage, you will feel all the freedom. I call this stage as Self unleash.

Trust me following these four steps will make our emotional intelligence which I found but it doesn’t mean I am an expert of it but would say I am in the practice stage to enhance my EQ.

Here I also tell you what is the important characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person or why you should strive to be emotionally intelligent.

  • They are change huggers. These people easily adopt changes in their life.
  • They are empathetic and are able to put themselves into the shoes of others.
  • They are self-aware. They very well know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The important thing to note that they are not a perfectionist and have a higher level of acceptance.
  • They are balanced. They easily tackle many tasks and are to balance work-life relationship.
  • They are highly grateful people who know everything starts from being thankful
  • They are inquisitive. They are gracious and are always happy or smiling.

The other point how to understand others, I will definitely say once you understand yourself you can understand anyone.  Last but not least it is a skill which can be honed. I am on this journey and do want that you all should also work to unleash yourself.

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