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To Understand the purpose of life

Every moment of my day

You sway me away

Far and far to the place I chase

Get the wings for the way to trace

Happy and contended you make me feel

Curious and anxious but have to deal

Fantasy or real I can’t make out

Without you, there’s all drought

Sleeping like a baby in the abode of mind

Get up head forth shun the grind

Bliss and delight is there for you

La belle I chose you

This is my first ever creative work, my first ever poem on

“Dreams”. Trust me I wrote this poem when it was all dark for me when I was looking for sunshine. When all the paths seemed closed to me. But I don’t know how and why something magical happened and a stream of light passed through the broken window and lit many hopes in me. Trust me that wasn’t a usual light, it was a shiny ray which fell upon me like a laser beam and transmuted me in totality. That light asked me a question. What do you want, what do you really really want?

Ok, a question from my side. How many of are dreamers here?

If you are a dreamer,  then ask yourself what do you want? What do you really really want?

I learned this art of dreaming a few years back and also up to an extent to manifest it in its physical form. And this what I am going to tell you all. 

Desire :

The first stage about manifesting your dream is a desire which we have already created by asking ourselves the most important question of your life? What do you want ? What do you really really want? The next step after asking is faith. It says ask like an adult and have faith like a child that you are going to get it. Faith is the starting point to achieve all that you have a longing for. Faith is the elixir that gives life and power to our dreams. Faith is the only antidote of failure. So have an unwavering faith that all that you dream you will achieve.

Receive :

The next step is to receive . God is so benevolent that it gives you all that you have asked but the thing is we don’t know the art of receiving. I feel I can explain it with one of my experiences. 10 years back I got the promotion to be the headmistress of the school. You know what I did I refused thinking I am not capable enough to handle it. But still the Principal of the school successfully convinced me to accept it which I did but again rejected I am not capable. This is what my dream is knocking and I didn’t open the door to welcome it. So receiving is also an art. So prepare yourself to receive it.

Removing the bars:

Now that you received but you still aren’t ready to stand so as to adapt it. We have put so many bars around us. We always forget this we are an unlimited being. There is nothing in this universe that we are not capable of. We don’t trust our instincts. We don’t follow our hearts and is always got entangled in the tussle between head and heart. Many times we end up prioritizing things other than our dreams.

Believe in the famous line by Paulo Coelho ” When you actually want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Take Decision:

The last and final thing is to make the decision. This step I call as shout out moment. It’s the time when you have to be really firm with “ This is what I really want”. Once you take the decision you will feel yourself free. You will feel as light as a cloud wandering in the skies.” Trust me firm decisions make you effortless and carefree”. I may be sounding a bit paradoxical.


After a firm decision you have to just consistently work on it. Having a head full of dreams has the capability to turn you miraculously. Keep hold of what you dream of and don’t ever settle for less. And again ask yourself what do you want, what do you really really want.

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