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Crying can keep you Happy

Crying can make you feel better !!

When we take birth the first gesture we show is crying. A baby’s first cry out of her mother’s womb is an essential action as it depicts their first breathing process in a new world. This first cry helps them to clear out the extra fluid from their lungs, nose, or mouth. Then why as we grow we start taking this essential action as an adverse one or why we stop ourselves from crying? Why our parents melt away the moment we cry or sometimes quip? Why we take it as a negative action?

As per my story, I used to cry a lot as a child and was always bantered with the words “ Don’t voice anything to her, as once she starts crying her tears will take rest after ages”. This particular remark would make me cry more.

Even further as I grew I came across many phrases like  “ Boys don’t cry !!” or “ Why are you crying like girls ?”. I mean to say crying too, which was essential, has to encounter gender bias blow. It says males and females have the same tear glands, yet it is always advised to males not to shed it. My question is WHY?? Why is it necessary to hide your true essential emotion under the cosmetics of strength, bravery, or unflinching courage?

Do you also think essential action really needs some gender bias?

Please comment in the comment section for the same. For me a “BIG NO !!”

Thus,  today through this blog I will present a conflicting opinion and can bravely say “Friends, go ahead if you feel like crying shed your tears irrespective of your gender“.

Researchers have found that crying can benefit both our mind and our body, so let us check how??


1)         Releases Happy Hormones:

When you cry your body releases endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliever and oxytocin is also known as the love hormone. Thus, you receive comfort and natural support after crying. It can elevate your mood and improve your overall well-being. Crying due to sadness or anger can help relieve these emotions and may make your situation appear bleak. Crying is the ultimate catharsis and can also relieve you from can long-held stress or worry. If it has such immense benefits then I feel there is no need to say no to your tears.

2)         Detoxifies Your Body:

Your eyes want to shed tears because your mind and body are signaling that they can’t bear the overwhelming emotion anymore, so please give us some space to have fresh air. But what if you stop your tears, it, not only excesses the emotions in your body but over a period of time they become toxin and starts harming your body. Researches have too proved crying flushes many toxin hormones from your body. You may not look good or it may take you several minutes to shed tears but the soothing effect is more beneficial. A cool brain is more pleasurable to your body and mind than a stuffed brain. Thus, we have one more reason to go ahead with crying

3)         Helps you get free of emotional blockages:

Sometimes we cry when we are extremely happy or scared or stressed. Researchers at Yale University too proved that crying can help in maintaining emotional equilibrium. It says there are three different types of tears:

  • Reflex tears – Reflex tears clear debris, like smoke, dust, or any unwanted particle from your eyes.
  • Continuous tears – Continuous tears keep your lubricated and help protect them from infection.
  • Emotional tears – Emotional tears have many health benefits. Emotional tears contain stress hormones and other toxins. Emotional tears have to go through  some process as they occur in the periods of sorrow, numbness, guilt, or the loss of some near and dear one. Thus, shedding tears great losses can help you accept the loss more easily. Sometimes emotional tears occur due to extreme happiness as well. Even at those moments also shed the salty water to sweeten everything in your life.


Though here I am encouraging you all to cry if you feel like crying but keep a check as well that it should not be so extreme that it starts interfering with your everyday life. If you feel you have a crying tendency every other moment then it is advisable to check with a doctor.


Just check what procedure  I follow…

I have learned it from Robin Sharma’s book “ Who will cry when you die”



I follow the “worry breaks”  system. If I face a difficulty I schedule a worry break for me. Let say twenty minutes every evening or as per my schedule. During this worry break, I may wallow in my problems, brood, or cry for the difficulty I am facing. But after twenty minutes I stop myself, leave my troubles behind and do something more productive, such as going for a walk in natural surroundings or reading an inspirational book or having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone my friend or listen to music, etc. This simple but powerful technique has helped me gradually to reduce a lot of stress.


Take Away Message :

“People cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong for too long.”

It’s OK to cry, to shed tears. Don’t feel stuffed or suffocated. Crying is a healthy action until it doesn’t become extreme or starts interfering with your health.



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