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Personal Enhancement

Under this section you will learn how to know you better and how to reinvent yourself for a better future. You will understand what is the best way to manage your time and to use it effectively with your busy schedule. Understanding your goals , setting them and to achieve them is the main area of highlight area , keeping in mind to develop the skill how to learn and to make your learning effective.

Once you learn the skill of achieving goals , you will find yourself an effective and firm decision maker . Also interpersonal and intrapersonal skills will be focused to a larger extent through activites or discussions. The following module comes under Personal Enhancement Section.

  • Personal knowledge
  • Assertiveness
  • Time Organisation
  • Learning to Learn
  • Goal setting
  • Decision Making
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Intrapersonal skills

To be an Effective Communicator

Communication Skills

Every one knows how to speak , but things go astray when it comes to communication. There is a difference between speaking and communicating. Effective communication includes a “win win” situation where no party misunderstand the facts that has been conveyed. Here you will learn to how to convince others. How to effective use your whole body to deliver what you exactly what to deliver. The following module comes under Communication Skills section.

  • Effective Convincing
  • Body Semantics
  • Listening Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Group Discussions
  • Table Topics

Facing Interview

Now comes the third stage , once you feel confident enough to communicate your ideas . It’s time to face what you actually are looking for that is interview. It is actually a short meeting which is followed as trend by various companies so that they can explicit many things from the person whom they are going to hire for their future endeavors.

Now a days focus is not only on your academic skills but it is something beyond this and many of the candidate find themselves struggling to get over that beyond. Thus we will work here together so that you feel confident enough to face it and to handle those butterflies in your stomach.

  • Resume Building
  • Preparation for interview
  • Dressing for Interview
  • Attitude for interview
  • Possible questions and handling

Effective Leadership

What is a leader ? What do leaders do actually ? We might be knowing that they are the people who lead or head a group or an organization or teams. Whenever someone speaks of a leader first image that comes in your mind may be of your boss or some politician or some authoritative figure. But here in we will totally learn to negate that some presumed mental image and rather focus on what makes a leader.

What traits a true leader should possess ? What actually makes a leader successful? Once you understand the characteristics of an authentic leader , you will definitely find a leader within you and come up with your leadership traits. No two leaders are same. Everyone has different set of working panache. Here we will learn to frame your leadership style.

  • Leadership traits
  • Finding Leader within you
  • Know your Leadership style
  • Team Building
  • Planning and delivery
  • Change Management

To Discover Self​

Inner Science

We all must have read environmental Science during your childhood . Then as we grow up we move into an another era of Science giving it a name of Physics , Chemistry or Biology. But somewhere the most important science the inner science , here I no way talking about you internal organs but you inner sensations which guides your life.

We have innumerous management institutes but it’s worth pondering that no institute teaches the management of feelings, thoughts and emotions. Different emotions have different meanings for different people .These emotions plays different games with us but don’t know how to play a successful game with them . So you will love to know here I have a tact where in you are not only capable of playing or handling but also feel elated while managing your most bleak emotions.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Managing Thoughts
  • NLP for confidence and self-esteem

To be emotionally intelligent

Spiritual Therapy

Spirituality is a broad concept . It means different to different people. In fact if someone asks me , I consider it nothing less than science or understanding yourself. It is a way of cultivating your body , mind, emotions and your energies to a certain level which allows you to bloom automatically .

I do also believe people are instinctively spiritual , the only thing is that you have to find out that instinct in yourself. Once you find it , you can do wonders in each and every area of your life. Once you ignite your spark of the spiritual being inside you nothing is impossible for you . So, here in we go for the following courses for the same.

  • Colour Therapy
  • Visualization
  • Circle Time

Let me help you overshoot your life in the right ways.

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