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I coach to maximize your potential so as to reach your desired destinations with the ultimate goal to make people meet themselves in totality.

As a Thought Designer I would help you :

To Discover Self :

What I feel you are your biggest asset, but many of us are unaware of it. We do know a lot about others, we do gain a lot of knowledge from the outside world and if you are in your twenties, I feel you have learned enough what books can offer you. But what we actually don’t possess, is knowledge of self. Many of us know ourselves from others’ points of view may be our friends, family, or parents. Since our childhood we have been infused with the ideas of us being “ sentimental” or “ angry” or  “ too lazy”  or “ not much focused”  or  “ mischievous” or “ intelligent” or blah blah blah…..

We actually form our image from others’ point of view and start living believing it true for ourselves. We never know  “What we are ?”. Through my sessions and seminars, I have found that many of us actually perceive self-image in the wrong way and don’t even know the Power of Self. We perceive ourselves from others’ point of view. Keeping this motto in my mind, I have designed activity-based modules so that one can not only discover himself or herself but also live this new Self with confidence.

To find out  the hidden potentials within:

Each one of us is a gem in the true sense and I am a strong believer in this. God has not sent us empty-handed, HE has sent us with innumerable potentials. But most of the time due to our wrong self-images we aren’t aware of that. Eventually, we start living a kind of life where we keep moving with what we feel we have, oblivion of the fact that utilization of our true potentials can take us to new levels of life. I also believe,  living your life beautifully is the true offering that you can pay to God. Then how can we remain aloof from not using these potentials? Walking along with designed course modules, you will definitely meet your true potentials, your actual talents. In fact, I will certainly help you out how you can use it to your maximum extent so as to feel ecstatic and joyful.

To Identify their negative and poor thought patterns :

It’s very tricky to identify negative thought patterns. Many of us have an unhealthy way of thinking which may be lead to anger, anxiety, fear, or many. Moreover, you can’t always control what you are thinking, but you can learn how to identify them. Once you learn to identify your poor thought pattern you are capable of rebooting and redirecting your life direction towards a much higher area.

Overthinking is the other major issue we all face. We always focus on avoiding our mistakes. We must understand that this will create only fear and anxiety in us. Thus the courses are planned in a manner where you are capable to be more aware of your thought process and to catch up with your negative thought patterns.

To achieve your goals:

We all want to achieve something in life, but what does it really take to achieve what we want? How can we really go about getting what we want? Most of us are simply moving with life where it is taking us, never bothering where and how we should go about. We live an aimless life. So here’s good news for you all, set some goals for you which boils you up to get set go towards your desired achievements.

To know the formula to achieving what you want in life join my courses and lead. So do what you want to do in life.

To  Understand the purpose of life :

It says it important to have a purpose in life. Once you choose your purpose you start living accordingly. Suppose if you choose your purpose to be happy forever then definitely you will definitely take actions accordingly. Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, shape goals, offer a sense of direction and create meaning. For some people, the purpose is connected to vocation, for some meaningful or satisfying job, for some family, or for some helping or serving others. So through our courses find your life purpose, live accordingly, and feel contented.

To Foster relationships:

How good are the relationships that you have with your family, friends, colleagues determine a lot about the quality of life that you lead. It is important to make strong bonds and have positive relationships with the people you live, work, or spend time. So what can you do to make relationships bloom, find here in my courses which will work as an instrument in building better relationships?

To be emotionally intelligent:

How many of us carrying some weight, I mean emotional weight? Deeply ponder, is it heavy? Is it making me feel tired? What am I holding?  Not managing your emotions properly can impact not only your physical health but your personal and professional life as well. It says most of the top performers have high emotional intelligence which separates them from others. Though it is something that is intangible it has a great impact on our lives. Thus it is one of the most important factors to become personally competent, to manage emotions so as to manage your behavior. Thus  it is important to develop two major skills under it

  • a)Self Awareness
  • b)Self Management

once you will learn you can manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

To be an effective communicator:

Sometimes we say something and others understand something else. In the whole course of the conversation, the main things go astray. This happens with us at home, in our working environment, with our neighbors, or with our friends. So how to communicate and how to deal with this miscommunication of ideas is a big question which all of us are facing today. A lot of skills need to be developed in order to become and an effective communicator which includes active listening, body language, assertiveness, your focus, etc. Thus find a way to become an effective communicator by joining my courses.


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