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Become Irresitible

Hello everyone welcome to today’s video I will share what makes a person irresistibly charming, magnetic, attractive, or stunning? Now may think I may talk money, beauty, wealth, success and all …if you think so my friends then you are wrong?

So what is it? I have again created a 3s for it. But before jumping onto that let me share a disclaimer. Whatever stuff I am sharing with you all here, whatever be the tips and tricks I am giving you all is purely my experience. For around last more than four and a half years I am on a journey of Self-growth. None of the content is copy-pasted. I have applied it in my life. It had worked for me and that is why sharing it. Now coming onto my first S

Self Actualisation: According to a famous psychologist Abraham Maslow every human has 5 basic needs and he has created a  5 tier model for it and he has put the need for self-actualization at the top . Now You may be wondering what is self actualization. I would say it is a basic need to be able to live to your full potential. It’s a desire to become the most that you can be. Each one of us possesses one or another potential and if you do not honor, if you do not live up to your full potential you may tend to rot from inside. I would say ignore the need for self-actualization at your peril. You must be many people around you having an adverse attitude towards life, having a complaining attitude, not accepting things easily, or may not taking things in a healthy manner. It’s because their self-actualization need is not fulfilled and once again I want to say it’s a need and not a luxury. Ignore this need at your peril.

Standing for what you want in your life: Yes you know why because it helps you develop a Strong Sense of Self: If we bow to others or their wrong opinions, or do things their way, whether right or not, we start to lose our own identity. We start to forget what we truly stand for, what we believe in somewhere we may also lose respect for ourselves. Yes, it may also be termed self-respect. The more you stand up for what you believe the more self-respect you will develop. I would say keep your seated on the chair of the self-respect, and moreover, it should be a priority, not an option. Also, one more thing doesn’t take equalize it with ego . There is a huge difference between both. It’s like loving yourself.

Smile: There is nothing stunning, charming, attractive or magnetic other than a smiling face. It does not make you look beautiful but has the ability to change your psychology instantaneously. Right now just smile and find the change in you and you now for me it’s a God’s signature on anyone’s face.

Thus guys at the end would like to say find your true potential, stand for what you want and keep smiling throughout in order to be irresistible.

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