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As You Think So Shall You Become




What are you thinking right now? Difficult to make out. Yes, I feel it’s really difficult to make out what we are thinking right now as there are a variety of thoughts that are playing gymnastic in our mind which ultimately get converted into actions. Sometimes with that boggled mind, we take actions that may prove disastrous. We all have learned this phrase from childhood as you sow so shall you reap or what goes around comes around .Similar things happen in case of thoughts. What we think we ultimately become.

Will clarify it more with a story once in the village of Punjab there lived a woman who always used to cook and keep an extra chapatti on the window for whosoever would come and take it away. Every day a hunch back came and took away the chapatti. But instead of expressing gratitude, he used to muter a few words “ The evil you do remains with you and the good you do comes back to you. This went on for several days. Listening to the same words everyday the lady got exasperated one day “ No words of Gratitude. I should get rid of him”, she said to herself. And the next day she added poison to the chapatti. As she was about to put the chapatti on the sill her hands trembled “ What is this I am doing?”, a thought crossed her mind. She immediately threw the chappati into the fire and prepared the other one for him.

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That evening there was a knock on the door and as she opened she was surprised to see her long lost son. She hugged him and got teary that her son spoke ‘ Mother something miraculous happened that I am here. While I was coming I got so famished that would have died but just then a hunch back  passed by and offered me a whole chapatti saying “ Today I shall give to you as your need is more important than mine.” It was then she realized the significance of changing his thought.

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Now, what if she would not have got aware of thoughts and would have changed it. Our thoughts guide our action, our action decides our destiny. It makes us what we are today. Purity and positivity in thoughts are essential. Trust me even a minute thought is in the process of creating you. In fact, the whole process of your living starts here. Creating a negative thought is like throwing a dagger into the air, you don’t know when and where it hits you. Your mind is the only garden where you can sow the seeds of life. Nurturing it with the manures and fertilizers of positive thinking will certainly bear juicy fruits. This universe works on laws, and there is something called as law of attraction which totally works on your thought process.  Don’t ever put things into your mind that you don’t want to materialize. Now the things are in your hands what you should do because as you think so shall you become.

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