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How to Keep yourself Motivated for Some Great Habits?

How to Keep yourself Motivated for Some Great Habits?

We discussed in our previous blog about the great habits we should inculcate in order to lead a prosperous, happy, successful, joyful, and a great life. If you  have not read then here is the link:

Ten Great Habits To Inculcate


Now when we understood what we should inculcate and why we should inculcate, the next question arises on

How to go ahead with the great habits ?

How to keep ourselves motivated?

How to be regular in following these habits?

How to increase will power so that these powerful habits empower us?

Before suggesting anything further, I would like you to learn flexibility. Sometimes in the lieu of habit formation we go to the extent of breaking ourselves. It says  “ laws are made for us, we are not made for laws.”  Similarly, habits should be followed to the extent that we are not hampering ourselves, our surroundings, our environment, or our near dear ones. I have even met many people who tied themselves so firmly to their habits, that sometimes they themselves feel suffocated. Following habits with flexibility is a must. It may happen due to some urgency or some priority we may skip one or the other thing. It’s totally fine and you can reward yourself any other day by giving extra time to what you skipped.

Also don’t take your everyday routine so casually that at the end of the day you have to repent. Inculcating good habits is the way of living of many successful people, as per my experience. Though I believe success is a very subjective term. It’s really tough to measure. But can say , if you are able to follow any of the desired habits for a certain period of time with consistency and determination, then you have all the right to call yourself successful.

So, here are a few points which you can follow so as to keep staying focused and inspired, not only to inculcate certain habits but it will help you in changing your life as well.

  • Keep the fool a fool :

I know this may sound something weird to you. But I literally follow this. It says, I mean I say  “ It’s cool to be a fool “. A few years back  I came to know through a video that your brain is a genie. He doesn’t know what command to reject and what to accept. Even our technology is much intelligent in following commands. Whenever we delete any file or perform any wrong action, it asks “ Are you sure you want to delete?” But our brain takes the actions immediately and performs it in no less than a  second without giving a single thought that it may be hazardous for us. So here we need to be extra cautious. When we know he works like a fool, then we can also fool it in such a way that it should work for our advantage. For eg: If you want to become an early riser, but you are finding it a bit difficult. Keep saying yourself, I am an early riser. Slowly your brain will start accepting that you are an early riser and eventually you will find yourself waking up earlier automatically. Similarly it works for your other commands as well. So better stop talking that it’s tough for me to wake up early or make out time for physical activities or any other thing that you really want to instill in you.


In psychology it is called “Self Positive Talk”. Friends you are your most talkative partner so be very cautious when you talk to you. Talk positively about you, in fact about others as well. Thus keep your fool, a fool.

Though it is just a statement otherwise our brain is the smartest part of our body, provided you need to use it in a smarter way. And my smarter way is to fool it.


2) Messaging yourself:


You can message yourself in the following ways:


a) Counting backward:


This is a very effective method. Let us find how we have to work with it. Suppose you have set an alarm to get up at around 5 am in the morning. We usually snooze it for ten minutes, then another ten minutes likewise we ultimately wake up at the eleventh hour and rush for office, wasting one more precious day to keep ourselves motivated. So make it a habit of counting backward. As soon as you open your eyes count   5, 4, 3, 2,1…..and I am awake.

This is a strategy to overcome your lazy desires over active desires. The lazy part of us always messages us to keep on postponing the task. But here you would have to overcome it. Backward counting helped me a lot when it comes to my physical exercises or early waking up a habit or whenever I feel like procrastinating. I learned it from Mel Robbins. You can read her book as well as 5-second rule.


b ) Writing notes or using stick-on :


This works the best. Buy colorful stick-on from a stationery shop and stick it everywhere you feel like. You all have watched the movie Ghajini. The movie depicted a disease named a short term memory loss. We too forget that we have promised ourselves of certain things. You can write the desire habits or things you wish to instill or possesses. These colorful stickers you can use on the door your almirah, your study table, computer table, or the place where you feel you spend maximum time. Believe it, I used to stick it on my mobile so as to get into the habit of early rising

c) Mirror :


This is a must thing to keep yourself motivated. I will share my experience that how I got rid of my habit of consuming tea. Actually it’s too much consumption hampered my health adversely. So, two years back I decided to leave tea but wasn’t able to keep myself determined enough for the same.  Out of exasperation one day I wrote it on all the mirrors of my home. I still remember what I wrote “ 1 August 2018 ..NO TEA”  and believe me till date I am determined. Though sometimes I have it casually with friends or family, but the way  I used to crave got vanished.  Even these days I keep making promises on the mirror so as to accomplish many tasks that I don’t feel like doing.

3.)Reward Yourself:

Different people have different ways of motivating themselves.  When I was young my parents used to lure me with one or another small reward if I completed a sizeable task I was assigned.

For eg: if I clean the room or organize my cupboard or score a good grade, I used to get some reward. The better the accomplishment, the better was the reward. Like I received a bicycle when I scored well in std. seven. We all are well aware of this drill. Even we follow this with our children as well. It is the most famous strategy to get work done. Even our employers have a performance bonus system or incentive system. Also, it says “ Rewards and actions are closely related.” So if you follow this simple personal reward system, you will find the reason to keep going. Even you can reward yourself with a bar of chocolate at the end of the day or can postpone some casual want till you accomplish some task.

Suppose you have set a target to lose 5 kg in two months and on the other hand you are planning to buy a new shirt. You can reward yourself with the same as soon as you achieve your target. So gift your goal with something special. This is also called “Self-Appraisal.”


4) Publicize your promise :


This really really works. Tell your family and friends that you will follow through some habits. Ask them to assist and adjust to the changes they will notice in you. Inform them of your goals. Even make a public declaration by posting it in on your social media to be the very best version of you. This is an excellent way to get leverage and motivation as it will create pressure on you for positive actions. You will definitely try your best for your self-image.

I have experienced it twice in my life. The very first when my coach asked me to set goals and to share it with your close friends or family members. The second when I started running, I promised on social media about the target, which I eventually accomplished within three months. Nowadays, my son is my best accomplice and a few other friends who keep me motivated throughout.


5) Appoint a mentor :


In this long path of life or success, it is very easy to go off track or take a wrong turn. But the nurturing and experienced hand of mentor will always aspire you to be on the right track. Also he/she helps you to acknowledge your true potential. He/she will help you out in overcoming your weaknesses and strengthening your skills. So be in pace with someone, to whom you can communicate your heart and can even discuss your failures, mistakes, or limitations.  The mentor can be your close friend, your father or mother, your brother or sibling, or can be anyone whom you can totally rely upon and who assists you in your journey of not even forming habits but to a greater destination.

In my case I am the luckiest as I get the best mentor. Even my son is my mentor who keeps on inspiring me from time to time or keeps giving me some challenges to overcome. I have some special friends and my siblings as well who keep me motivated.

Along with the above things, I will also suggest a few simple things like :

  • Keep yourself curious.
  • Crack jokes and laugh out loud.
  • Listen to some motivational stories or videos everyday
  • Keep yourself away from people who have limiting beliefs about themselves.
  • Have a good friend circle. It says you are the combination of five close people you everyday talk with. So choose your friends consciously.
  • Last but not least LOVE YOURSELF.

Thus you are pointing at the moon to get it into your hands then you also have to make yourself ready for the price to pay.  Even a minute step of consistent effort every day can bring tremendous change in your reality over a period of time. Also we are well aware of the equation.

 (1.0) ^ 365= 1

 (1.01) ^ 365= 37.7

So, a small baby step has a huge potential to transform you in a year.

Thus keep changing yourself with small baby steps towards a giant leap.

With that I am signing off will meet, next week.

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