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Hello, I am a Thought Designer

Shweta Maheshwari

 A “Designed Thought” is more important than having a designer home or clothes.

Your DESIGNER THOUGHTS  will automatically bring designer things into your life.


Why Shweta Maheshwari?

She is a trainer by profession, a writer, a speaker by passion, a life coach by compassion, and a THOUGHT DESIGNER by intention. She has touched many lives through seminars and workshops. She is moving ahead in her life keeping the purpose of bringing change in society through her writings, counseling, and speaking skills. She loves reading, traveling, nature, blogging, and spending time with her family. She believes in the motto “Involve to Evolve”. Also through her books, she wants to convey the same message. 

“Get yourself Involved in sculpting your life beautifully, so as to Evolve as a Masterpiece.”

Our Courses

Stress Management

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What Do I Offer?

Key Note Speeches, Courses, Books, Videos and Podcasts


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I welcome you all to watch my YouTube channel where I post videos which are relatable and effective for solving your life’s real problem.

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What people are saying about me

She Met Life : A Story of Transformation

Life@Crossroads: A Tale on Mastering your Life and Business

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