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Hello, I am a Thought Designer

Shweta Maheshwari

 A “Designed Thought” is more important than having a designer home or clothes.

Your DESIGNER THOUGHTS  will automatically bring designer things into your life.


Why Shweta Maheshwari?

She is a trainer by profession, a writer, a speaker by passion, a life coach by compassion, and a THOUGHT DESIGNER by intention. She has touched many lives through seminars and workshops. She is moving ahead in her life keeping the purpose of bringing change in society through her writings, counseling, and speaking skills. She loves reading, traveling, nature, blogging, and spending time with her family. She believes in the motto “Involve to Evolve”. Also through her books, she wants to convey the same message. 

“Get yourself Involved in sculpting your life beautifully, so as to Evolve as a Masterpiece.”

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What Do I Offer?

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What People Are Saying

What people are saying about me

She Met Life : A Story of Transformation

  • What would you do if fate twists your ways?
  • What choice you will make if life starts playing against you?
  •  Would you fight or flight or accept?

“She Met Life”  is a soul touching , an unforgetful and a gripping story of a girl named Sophia from whom life has snatched all her laughter and what meant the most to her?  It’s the story of a love-filled couple, the story of a  perfect family,  the story of an ideal relationship.

Then what happened ?  What has actually made her husband Sameer to betray Sophia after so many years of a successful marriage? Is  Sophia able to come out of her tragic situation or her life remained fallen apart forever? Do circumstances bring any change in her or she keeps waiting for the circumstances to change?

It is an extremely moving and inspiring account of finding out the true meaning of life, the power of change, and how to keep moving even when destiny is against you.

A tale that can empower anyone to decide his/ her own fortune even when the situation is not under your control.

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